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[p2-dev] publishing products and features

The p2 publisher is able to publish products and features.  There are a number of quirks and bugs with that facility.  PDE Build extends and "corrects" the facility.  The PDE Build mechanism is used widely in the Eclipse projects.  However, there is an increasing number of people who are not using PDE Build but rather Tycho, Buckminster, Ant/Ivy, homegrown, ... yet still need to publish products and features. In a number of cases people have copied/ported the p2 code and worked-around immediate issues. The net result has been lots of work and inconsistent output.

To address this need there have been several proposals for fixing the p2 bugs, moving the PDE Build extensions, ... In general the p2 and PDE Build teams are supportive of these ideas but we need help getting it done.

To that end, I have opened bug 331974 as an umbrella for the various issues related to getting products and features into p2 repos without using full PDE Build.  I also added as prerequisites various bugs that I know of that are preventing this from happening.  Please add your comments, bug reports and most of all, make it known if you are willing to help on this effort.