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[p2-dev] director tool - help

Hi All,

I am trying to use director application to bring up a custom osgi platform (kernel) which will comprise of core bundles like org.eclipse.equinox.osgi, org.eclipse.equinox.ds, org.eclipse.equinox.common, some bundles from apache felix etc..

Following were the problems faced:

1. So i started with creating a feature and added the required core plugins. The one problem i faced was that i was not able to find the plugin org.eclipse.equinox.osgi.
2. As per the documentation for the director application, i noticed that they were use a default profile, namely SDKProfile in the example and in my eclipse installation it refers to "epp.package.jee" profile which has configuration information for all IU's. So the question is whether to create a feature for the kernel layer containing core bundles or should i create a profile? Also how do you create a profile? The ones that i have looked at are quite big and i am sure would be a pain to create manually.
3. Eclipse refers to 2 repositories - metadata repository and artifact repository. At present i have all my osgi bundles present in maven repository and i would like the provisioning system to either taken it from the maven repository or a possible OBR in the future. How can that be done?

Best Regards,

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