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Re: [p2-dev] Asking for advice from p2-experts

Hi Pascal,

Installation works like a charme now :-) Target defintion but I guess
this is a PDE problem.

Thank you very much for investigation and helping me and my project to
get useable builds published!


Am 02.02.10 22:31, schrieb Tom Schindl:
> Am 02.02.10 22:15, schrieb Pascal Rapicault:
>> I was just trying to install the core pieces which is why I did not see
>> the error.
>> I can now get the same error and the message indicates that you are
>> looking for a core feature whose version should be [1.0.0.qualifier,
>> 2.0.0). The problem is that is smaller than 1.0.0.qualifier
>> and as such the dependency can't be satisfied. So the resolver and the
>> error messages are correct.
>> Now what is suspicious is that your metadata still contains ".qualifier"
>> whereas this should have been replaced at build time, and this is caused
>> by the incorrect use of "qualifier" in the import statement of the
>> feature which is not replaced at build time
>> <requires>
>> <import feature="org.eclipse.ufacekit.core.feature"
>> version="1.0.0.qualifier"/>
>> </requires>
>> So there are two solutions:
>> - Include the core.feature in the ui.feature and continue on using the
>> qualifier
>> - Keep the current structure and remove .qualifier.
> Well I guess I'll go with the latter because if I take this further the
> includes will pop down even further.
> I've just committed the changes let's see what the result will be.
> Thanks for your investigation - I'll keep you posted.
> Tom

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