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[p2-dev] p2 extra installs and content repository reads

Please forgive the vague spots in this message; I never tried this
with tracing turned on (and I'm not sure what tracing options I would

We ship a straightforward product that comes with two update sites
preconfigured: ours and the standard Galileo site.  Suppose I open the
Install New Software dialog, select our site, select some features,
and install them.  They have no dependencies that aren't satisfied by
installed software.  Why should p2 have to fetch the Galileo
content.jar at all?  And I'm pretty sure I've seen it install updated
plugins (org.eclipse.help or similar).

This seems pretty inefficient.  I didn't ask p2 to check for updates
to installed software, but it seemed to do that anyway.  And the
content.jar takes a long time to fetch, especially if eclipse.org is
busy.  So even if our update site is fast, user experience is bounded
by the slowest configured site.

Daniel Jacobowitz