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[p2-dev] tagged for M20090806-0800

Hi, all.
Tomorrow morning is an M-build, which also happens to be the SDK contribution to the Galileo SR1 RC1 maintenance build.
So I tagged all the p2 changes in the maintenance branch. Unfortunately, I forgot to check the "build notes" box and therefore don't have the list of bugs fixed. However a little bit of digging after the fact turned up these changes. I'm not sure this list is complete for this build.

Bug 285443 - [transport] UpdateSite doesn't handle 403 errors properly.
Bug 285322 - [ui] TVT35:TCT328: CHS: Duplicate Mnemonic Keys
Bug 280285 - [native touchpoint] LinkAction undo does not calculate paths correctly
bug 277489 - vm args are wrong for agent download
Bug 278814 - [composite] Relative child repository locations not working