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RE: [p2-dev] launcher ini generation

I'm not sure exactly, but the launcher.ini may only be generated if there is content to put in it.  This will depend on the metadata.

By default, pde.build will generate metadata that automatically sets -startup and --launcher.library in the .ini.  Similarly any program/jvm args in the product file will be placed there.

So, yes, in a headless build, setting includeLaunchers=false may be sufficient.  
If you still want the launcher jar and fragments, it gets trickier.  If you are building using p2.gathering=true, you can create a p2.inf beside your .product file and set "org.eclipse.pde.build.append.launchers=false".

I don't know if there is any way to suppress these arguments if you are using p2.generate.metadata.


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Isn't there a includeLaunchers=false switch that you can provide as part of the pde build process?

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RE: [p2-dev] launcher ini generation

Is it possible to skip the generation of launcher ini during bundles installation?  
I thought this depends on the combination of the config.ini and the profile properties. I provide no launcherName property, but a default eclipse.ini is generated. If I provide no installFolder and no osgi.install.area then a NPE happens in org.eclipse.equinox.internal.frameworkadmin.equinox.ParserUtils.getOSGiInstallArea() - launcherData.getLauncher().getParentFile() is null.

P.S. Our osgi app structure is different from the eclipse "eclipse/plugins" one.
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