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Re: [p2-dev] upack attribute

I looked through some of the code this morning, and it does seem to default to unpack=true in the code. This seems to be the case in both UM (PluginEntrryModel.unpack=true) and in the publisher (FeatureEntry.unpack=true). Can you describe the scenario where you see the problem? I.e., are you installing from an old-style update site, generating metadata via the publisher, or what? I just want to make sure there isn't an unintentional bug here.

James D Miles <jdmiles@xxxxxxxxxx>
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04/30/2009 03:08 PM

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[p2-dev] upack attribute

The feature manifest has a "unpack" attribute on the plugin element. According to the DTD the default is true. But what happens is the opposite. Is this a bug for the code or the doc?_______________________________________________
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