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Re: [p2-dev] generator and download.md5 for packed files

The closest thing there is to an example are the junits, get org.eclipse.pde.build.tests and run

The test will clean up after itself, so either set a breakpoint near the end, or set the system property "pde.build.noCleanup"
The results will be in the junit workspace/pde.build/265726.  See "assemble.f.p2.xml" where the p2.process.artifacts is used to sign the jars.
- the task is signing and then updating the descriptors for the plugins/features listed.  If you don't list anything, then it will process everything in the repo.  
- removing the <sign> element will then just update the descriptors.
- the task supports "pack" and "normalize" attributes which will do pack200 processing
- the task requires a local, modifiable, IFileArtifactRepository.


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04/08/2009 07:39 PM

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Re: [p2-dev] generator and download.md5 for packed files

> Note there is a new ant task in M6:
> <p2.process.artifacts repositoryPath="file:/build/repo" />
> ...
> PDE/Build uses this if you are
> building using the publisher.

Is there an example you can point me to for that ?

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