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RE: [p2-dev] P2 Director App Target Environment



This brings up another issue.  I'm not able to install the same IU
multiple times, each with a different os/ws/arch.  I assume p2.director
discovers the IU has already been installed for a previous os/ws/arch,
and does attempt to install it again with the different os/ws/arch

Briefly, I'm trying to initialize an environment with the IU
"org.eclipse.equinox.executable.feature.group".  I need both win32 and
linux platform specific launcher plug-ins.

I guess my next course of action is to initialize my multi-platform
environment with each plug-in independently.  

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Ciao Dennis :)
Right now p2 does not support multi-platform profiles like that. 
Pascal lied out the method to achieve a multi-OS setup: create one
profile per platform with a shared bundle pool (@see attached mail)

In the long run it would be a nice improvement to allow the
p2.[os/ws/arch] to be osgi filters that could have multiple values,
win32|linux for example, but that's not on the agenda (yet)...

Ciao, hh 

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Q: Is it possible to specify "*" as the destination environment for the
p2.os / ps.ws / ps.arch arguments for the P2 director application?


I'm trying to use P2 to initialize a multi-platform environment.  I'm
attempting to run the P2 director application from an ant script.  I set
the destination execution environment arguments as:

                  <arg line="-p2.os *" />

                  <arg line="-p2.ws *" />

                  <arg line="-p2.arch *" />


The P2 director app run and installs the non-platform specific plug-ins.
However, the platform specific plug-ins are missing.


I'm curious if "*,*,*" is supported.  Or, do I need to run the P2
director app for each desired execution environment (ie:
win32,win32,x86, linux,gtk,x86, etc...)

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