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RE: [p2-dev] P2 Director App Target Environment

Ciao Dennis :)
Right now p2 does not support multi-platform profiles like that. 
Pascal lied out the method to achieve a multi-OS setup: create one
profile per platform with a shared bundle pool (@see attached mail)

In the long run it would be a nice improvement to allow the
p2.[os/ws/arch] to be osgi filters that could have multiple values,
win32|linux for example, but that's not on the agenda (yet)...

Ciao, hh 

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Q: Is it possible to specify "*" as the destination environment for the
p2.os / ps.ws / ps.arch arguments for the P2 director application?


I'm trying to use P2 to initialize a multi-platform environment.  I'm
attempting to run the P2 director application from an ant script.  I set
the destination execution environment arguments as:

                  <arg line="-p2.os *" />

                  <arg line="-p2.ws *" />

                  <arg line="-p2.arch *" />


The P2 director app run and installs the non-platform specific plug-ins.
However, the platform specific plug-ins are missing.


I'm curious if "*,*,*" is supported.  Or, do I need to run the P2
director app for each desired execution environment (ie:
win32,win32,x86, linux,gtk,x86, etc...)

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The short answer is the way you are doing it will cause you trouble and it is not the recommended way.
The recommended way of doing this is to have:
   one bundle pool/
   one install folder per OS/
which should only contains the exe and the configuration files
   one profile registry/
containing one profile per OS, each describing one instance.



> Hi all,
> Our Eclipse based products have historically always been multi-
> platform capable installs, that is: a single installation on disk 
> could be run on either Windows, Linux or Solaris host. In the past, 
> we did this by simply extracting the 3 ZIPs into the same location, 
> and renaming the Launcher ("eclipse.exe", "eclipse.linux", "eclipse.solaris").
This was working because no particular configuration was needed on external pieces or they were made on startup of the product.

> When adopting p2, we found that we had to tweak a few more bits for 
> making that happen - based on the eclipse-platform-* downloads:
> Create a "Multi-Platform" profile by editing the Platform profile 
> for Linux and getting rid of the x86,linux,gtk spec 
This will likely results in disasters the next time you install something since some of the filters will fail passing and thus causing the installation to not resolve.

> Create a "Multi-Platform" bundles.info by merging contents of 
> Windows+Linux+Solaris bundles.info

> I'm wondering if there is any kind of documentation, known issues or
> other information about that multi-platform installation case.
> Anything you'd like to point us to?
> For instance, if we "check for updates" while running on Windows, 
> would the Linux and Solaris bits also get updated?
> Would we risk getting an invalid installation?
> Or is this scenario just a no-no ?
> Any pointers appreciated,
> Thanks,
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