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RE: [p2-dev] please add org.eclipse.equinox.concurrent to project set files

Hi Folks...a little explanation about this request:

ECF filetransfer depends upon ECF core. Without the futures support in the jobs API, we need to put the JobsExecutor in ECF core so we can use it in several other ECF bundles. Therefore ECF core has a new (and currently marked as optional) dep on the equinox.concurrent...so equinox concurrent is needed to compile ecf core from source.

Filetransfer (and therefore p2) doesn't have any dependencies on either equinox.concurrent or the new JobsExecutor in ECF core...so given the optional dependency it won't be necessary to add equinox.concurrent to the set of bundles ECF contributes to the SDK. But equinox.concurrent will be needed to compile ECF core...thus the need to add to p2 project set (this request).

Another option would be to eliminate the ECF projects from the p2 project files completely...which would also be fine with me BTW. This would work as long as one was using a fairly recent version of Eclipse/p2/ECF as the target platform.


Hi Folks,

ECF is now depending upon org.eclipse.equinox.concurrent, and so I would appreciate it if someone could add this bundle (org.eclipse.equinox.concurrent) to the p2 project set files.



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