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Re: [p2-dev] services in p2

FYI, I also ran into issues running a trimmed down director app. One of the ECF transport provider bundles was not getting touched and thus not starting and thus not registering its service.  Transport initialization errors abound.  The only way around it was to change the launch configuration to start the bundle.

We are definitely in need of some solution.  One would be to make available the autostart bundle we developed fro the Equinox book.  It just starts all bundles.  This would not be good in SDK scenarios but would be handy in simple small apps.

Of course, DS would be ideal but it is late.  Just say no to start levels.

John Arthorne wrote:

We currently rely on the exemplary setup bundle to register all the services in the appropriate order. I believe in other headless apps we either use exemplary setup, or manually register the services we need in the correct order. Yes, this is a bit gross, and there has been lots of discussion about how to fix this. See for example https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=225250.

I don't suggest messing with bundle start levels to work around it.

Ian Bull <irbull@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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02/06/2009 07:28 PM

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[p2-dev] services in p2

I was running the publisher (bundles and features) to test some things out, and I started to receive errors in my OSGi console.
After hacking around a bit, I realized what was going on.

In metadata repository (CacheManager), we are trying to get IProvisioningEventBus service.  However, this service was not actually being registered until the Abstract publisher application runs.  Because these two bundles (Metadata repo and the publisher) are both started at the default run level, it is anyones guess which one will run first.

Should we be considering DS for stuff like this, or should I just start these bundles at different start levels in my launch configurations?


R. Ian Bull, PhD
Software Developer, EclipseSource

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