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Re: [linux-distros-dev] Re: [p2-dev] I'm lost. "Could not locate the running profile instance" - how to distribute eclipse on linux

Hi Nick Boldt.

Thank you for your answer.

Is cross posting to two lists common?

Indeed I got in touch with Overholt some hours earlier.

After rereading parts of the wiki I got some more insight (Still not

My original trouble
"Could not locate the running profile instance."
is caused by not having any profile I think.

The profile is set by

Which page on the wiki does describe
a) how to create or switch profiles in detail?
  Will there be a P2 profile selector the same way you switch

I've started reading the links found here:

"Equinox p2 Admin UI Users Guide"
mentions the Eclipse Provisioning  RCP Agent.

Sorry. I still have no clue how to get or start it?
Is it a IU (installable unit?)
All I know is that I can explore different profiles using that tool.

My next problem:
Wiki: "Equinox p2 Console Users Guide"
tells me how to start the console:
Running $eclipse -ignoreApp -console
shows both: Eclipse window and the console.
However there is no command starting with "prov" as suggested by the wiki ?
Probably this means I'm still missing org.eclipse.equinox.prov.console ?
Which is the way to get it ?
Looking at Eclipse plugin Details (Help -> About Eclipse) I can only see

I don't think that I'm missing much. But I don't see it yet.
Probably my source [1] installation is borked up ?

Did I get this right?
All the IU are mirrored. So I could just download them all, put them in
/nix/store/IU{1,2,3,...} and link them to the final eclipse location so
that the user can choose items out of them to be installed into his
personal profile?

My next attempt using the Equinox p2 Installer wasn't more succesfull
because I'm running x64_64 linux. There is no installer availible :-(
So can I build it from source somehow?

Thank you for your help..


[1] My Eclipse source installation is:
  Eclipse SDK
  Version: 3.4.2
  Build id: M20090121-1700