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Re: [p2-dev] iterators, queries, and collectors....oh my!!

Happy New Year, everyone....

Can someone point me to the bug number with the IFutureStatus proposal?
I was expecting to find it in https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=256435, but it's not there.

As far as the semantics of layered pattern matching...I think it would largely depend on the UI setting the right expectation for the user. If there was only one filter box and the user first typed SDK and then EMF, I would see that as a new filter on EMF only. Simply because that is how the filter box works everywhere else in Eclipse.

If instead you wanted to allow client-side filtering of server results, then I think it's a UI design question. I don't think the user necessarily cares who is doing the filtering (the client or the server), but it is a "cumulative filter" which would need to be represented differently. I don't think this affects the API of the underlying queryable mechanism - I'm not suggesting that the queryable should have any special notion of filtering queries or having sequential/cumulative queries to support this.


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Subject: Re: [p2-dev] iterators, queries, and collectors....oh my!!

Regarding filtering, does anyone have thoughts on the following scenario:

Say I have a query that looks for IUs that are SDKs (they have SDK in their name or something), and I invoke this query. (it may go across the wire, it doesn't really matter). As this starts returning results, I start to populate a list.

Then I filter the list (looking for the EMF SDK I type EM). Does it make sense for this to be a new query (look for SDK's + name contains "EM"), or should we have a "filter" on the query results. So I can say, ok, as these results come in, only give me back ones that contain EM. Then, if I type EMF, it has all the results, and it just does a different filter.

So essentially, should we have "pattern match" or simply "filters" on query results?


R. Ian Bull, PhD
Software Developer, EclipseSource

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