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Re: [p2-dev] iterators, queries, and collectors....oh my!!

This is a great usecase.  In the IFutureStatus proposal there is hasNext() and isDone().  Does this capture the situation from an API point of view? (i.e., is mightHaveNext() equivalent to !isDone())?  I don't think the current FutureStatus impl has the desired semantics for this case but clearly something could be implemented.

Regarding filtering, does anyone have thoughts on the following scenario:

Say I have a query that looks for IUs that are SDKs (they have SDK in their name or something), and I invoke this query. (it may go across the wire, it doesn't really matter).  As this starts returning results, I start to populate a list.

Then I filter the list (looking for the EMF SDK I type EM).  Does it make sense for this to be a new query (look for SDK's + name contains "EM"), or should we have a "filter" on the query results.  So I can say, ok, as these results come in, only give me back ones that contain EM. Then, if I type EMF, it has all the results, and it just does a different filter.

So essentially, should we have "pattern match" or simply "filters" on query results?


R. Ian Bull, PhD
Software Developer, EclipseSource