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Re: [p2-dev] certificate prompt in p2

Currently if the user chooses not to trust a certificate, the entire install fails. At this point it can't simply skip the feature because it can't compute what other features/bundles are also being installed that may depend on the untrusted content. It would really need to go back to the planner stage and try to compute a new install plan with the untrusted content removed. Feel free to enter a bug report for improving this case.


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12/04/2008 09:20 AM

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[p2-dev] certificate prompt in p2

P2 has the intent was to avoid the Update Manager behaviour of having separate prompts for each feature being installed.  Now, what if I install a product that contains 2 features and both of them are signed by different certificates.  When I see the prompt, I only choose to trust one of the certificates.  What p2 install the feature that are signed the cert that I chose to trust?  Thanks.

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