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[p2-dev] An error occurred while collecting items to be installed

Does anyone have any idea why I get this error when selecting and trying to install everything from the eclipse platform update site? The selection passes validation. Does this suggest an error in the metadata? If so is it of interest to you? If not then to whose attention should I bring it?
An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
  No repository found containing: com.ibm.icu.base/osgi.bundle/3.8.1.v20080530
  No repository found containing: com.ibm.icu.base/org.eclipse.update.feature/1.0.0.v20060418-67E18s733I3C93
  No repository found containing: com.ibm.icu.base.source/osgi.bundle/3.8.1.v20080530
  No repository found containing: master-equinox-p2/org.eclipse.update.feature/1.0.0.v20080506-4-27ud9N0j-kJ41WfXj9-dqXvQ_D
  No repository found containing: master-equinox/org.eclipse.update.feature/1.1.0.v20080506-7f7KE7IECgNxciBpGX_NFCB8CFY2
  No repository found containing: master-jetty/org.eclipse.update.feature/1.0.0.v20080506-7748a_GFB2f0KCN_3I8902341
  No repository found containing: master-root/org.eclipse.update.feature/3.2.0
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