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Re: [p2-dev] URI

I will try to capture some information on working with URIs on the wiki. The majority of our code is just passing URIs around so the code changes were trivial for the most part. There is a small amount of code inside repository implementations that do a bit of manipulation but it is fairly isolated. I think the main issue for clients is constructing URI instances, since the format is a bit more strict than URL (this has its advantages). For file: URIs construction is quite easy, as the java.io.File#toURI() method reliably produces correct URI instances for any kind of local file system path. There are some things to be aware of wrt encoding/unencoding, etc, that I will write up some notes on when I have some time.


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10/06/2008 11:59 AM

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P2 developer discussions <p2-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[p2-dev] URI

I was not on the p2 call (darn vacation) but understand that there may
have been a decision to move to java.net.URI over URL?  Given that there
was quite a bit of discussion over java.net.URI, EMF URI, ECF IDs etc.  
it would be good if this move could be explained to the community and
the expected coding practices described so we don't end up back in the
same situation.

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