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[p2-dev] Fwd: [pde-dev] Why does "permissions.properties" file does not work anymore in Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede?

This seems to be right for the p2-dev mailing list (should really be asked on the newsgroups).

The main issue is that Update is no longer used by default in 3.4, p2 is used. Update supported this case, p2 doesn't I believe.

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From: Gabriel Petrovay <gabipetrovay@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2008/10/6
Subject: [pde-dev] Why does "permissions.properties" file does not work anymore in Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede?
To: pde-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi all!

I am trying to deliver with my plugin some executables (in an OS dependant plugin fragment). After plug-in installation the executables do not have the executable bit set, therefore one has to change them manually.

In Eclipse 3.3 we had two solutions for this:
1. Use a permission.properties in the fragment where the executables were with the following content:
permissions.executable=<the list of executable files (only one in our case)>

2. Provide a custom installation handler to the feature and change the permissions of the executable in the completeConfigure() handler

Both solutions worked fine with 3.3 but in the Eclipse Ganymede (3.4) version, none works anymore. Has anyone some more experience on this? How can we make it run also on 3.4?


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