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[p2-dev] Publisher integration testing

Simon, Ben and I spent some time together looking at integration issues around the publisher. We found a couple problems and I have addressed all except the one mentioned below.

- The extension location tests are still having some trouble with the correspondance between the artifact and metadata repos. I need to talk to someone (Simon?) about that as my brain is full.

Along the way I did some test clean up and implemented some improved caching for the repository listener. Simon has some performance tests so it is hard to say what the improvement is but in theory there should be at most 4 writes for each poll. For each of the metadata and artifact repos there should be one for removes and one for adds. We will fall short of that for the artifact repo as it does not have bulk remove API. I entered a bug for that.

I'll do some more work on the tests tomorrow and we will get the publisher test suite in the CVS repo by the end of the week.

Thanks Simon for your continuing help.