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Re: [nebula-dev] NatTable Incubation

Hi Wim,

Sorry for getting back late on this - we've been working on getting our final SourceForge release together, getting our Eclipse account set up, etc. We just had a NatTable committer meeting today and talked over some of the questions you brought up:

are you going to use the Nebula mailing list?

The thinking right now is that we will use both the nebula-dev and nattable-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing lists and feel out what works best. We can keep our internal NatTable dev discussions on nattable-dev, but we want to watch nebula-dev as users may post NatTable widget issues there.

what build infra are you going to use

We're planning to use the Common Build Infrastructure. We already use maven/tycho and hudson to build, so hopefully this should be straightforward.
introduction of the other Nattable committers

I'm having all the NatTable committers subscribe to nebula-dev. They will be introducing themselves here shortly.
adding to the web page 
adding to the nebula examples view

Justin Dolezy will be looking into this for us
aggregating our repository

James Hunt is going to be handling the build migration and should be able to look into this too
release schedule

Our last SourceForge release will go out this week; after that I'll be preparing our initial contribution for Eclipse. We don't have a formal release roadmap (that's a to do), but lately we've been putting out releases roughly every 3 months.

I'll set up a conference call for all of us in the coming weeks. I'll post details on the Nebula wiki. A lot of this stuff will already be in flight prior to the call so we'll keep posting updates on this mailing list and please give us feedback!