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[nebula-dev] Wish to contribute a TreeMapper

Hi all,

I have been working on a widget that we plan to use in the BPEL designer soon. It is a TreeMapper that makes easier the definition of mapping between 2 structured objects. It renders objects as trees, and mappings as lines. It relies on classical TreeViewers for Trees, and the mapping stuff is made with Draw2d. However, people don't have to deal with the draw2d stuff, since there is an interface to implement that "resolve" mappings to semantic elements, a bit like a ContentProvider manipulates semantic items to hide SWT items. You can find attached 2 screenshots.
The code is working well and available under EPL here [1]. As I've also worked for other projects than BPEL editor (JWT, GMF, Bonita Open Solution, PetalsStudio...), I think there are a lot of use cases for this widget. That's why I'd like to share it with the Eclipse community.
Of course, it is still in an "Incubation" phase, but having it part of Nebula will probably increase interest in it, so that it could leave the Incubation phase as soon as several Eclipse project use it successfully.

Please tell me if you find this interesting for the Nebula project to host this widget and its future development.


[1] http://forge.ebmwebsourcing.com/svnroot/petals-eclipse/branches/TreeMapper

Mickael Istria
R&D Engineer, Eclipse Plug-in RCP Developer

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