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[nebula-dev] GanttChart: GanttComposite ambigous variable _ganttEvents


I am trying to port the ganttChart to java 1.6 (for now for my own uses). In class GanttComposite the variable _ganttEvents (List) is not clear what types it can contain:

In method hideAllLayers() the resulting item after a -ganttEvents.get(i) is assumed to be an element of type GanttEvent as only this type has a method getLayer().

In method internalDrawEvents (and other methods) _ganttEvents is assumed to contain elements of type IGanttChartItem as GanttSection returns  a list of IGanttChartItem.

It seems as this is a problem of work in progress. I would like to know, which way you will go (_ganttEvents as a list of GanttEvents or a list of IGanttChartItems)


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