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[mylyn-integrators] Listen for changes when task data is updated

Hi at all


I am a student at the University of Zurich and working for my bachelor thesis where (as a first step) I measure different metrics from a developers work in Eclipse (IDE-stuff (clicks, time in which view, etc.), Subversion-Stuff (commits, loC added/removed, etc.), Work Item-Stuff (new/solved/edited work item of a developer, etc.) and more). For the work item data I want to access the data saved by the Mylyn plugin because I have the advantage of being able to use multiple bug- and work-item-trackers (bugzilla, etc.).


Unfortunately I have only very few experience with own plugins or accessing data from plugins (with Java & Eclipse) – the things I want to do now ;) (Of course, I do have some programming experience (Apps, Webprojects, etc.)).


On Stackoverflow Shwan Minto gave me a hint of how to start (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11774054/how-to-get-change-events-through-mylyn-programatically). He described me some APIs which should help me to do exactly what I want. So I searched the required jars, included them in my test-project and started with one of the (very few) samples of the API-usage I found (e.g. http://dev.eclipse.org/viewcvs/viewvc.cgi/org.eclipse.mylyn.incubator/org.eclipse.mylyn.examples.bugzilla/src/org/eclipse/mylyn/internal/examples/bugzilla/Main.java?root=Mylyn_Project&view=markup). Unfortunately, I was not able to receive any information from Mylyn… (Usually I miss information to be able to run the code or I get errors, I was unable to solve with web searches…) I also found the Integrator Reference (http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Mylyn/Integrator_Reference) which gave me some insight into the topic but I am still trying to access the data without success…


Is there a (step-by-step) tutorial or an example project available anywhere where I see the usage of the API or can you (please) give me some hints?


Any help would be very much appreciated. I can imagine that my questions might be dump or that there may be basic things I don’t know or didn’t try, but at this point, I am stuck and found no other way to solve this problem on my own… Thanks again!

André Meyer