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[mobile-iwg] Pulsar Package SR1 Proposed Plan



I wasn’t able to attend last meeting since it was a Holiday here in Brazil. I notice that there was an action item for me to propose a SR1 plan. Below are some proposed dates. I will wait for some comments and, after that, update the wiki.



- Aug. 25: Deadline to submit new SDK Providers URLs

- Sep. 01: Deadline to submit any update on the information that is available on each SDK Repository. Deadline for each SDK Provider to have its repository up and running

- Sep. 08: Deadline for bug fixes

- Sep. 15: Deadline for major bug fixes

- Sep. 25: Pulsar Package SR1 is released to public


After Sep. 01, the plan is for each SDK provider to test their SDKs and see if they are properly downloaded / installed into the pulsar package. That will give us and the SDK providers two weeks to do any bug fix


If there is any new SDK provider that is interested to be on pulsar SR1 and need some support to setup their repository, please let me know.