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[mobile-iwg] Meeting Minutes / Action Items: July 16th

Hi Team,

Thanks everyone for attending today's Pulsar Conference Call.
Welcome again to our new participants Paul (Symbian) and Elena (Ericsson).

I put my meeting minutes on the Wiki at: http://wiki.eclipse.org/EMIWG/MembersCall-16-Jul-2009

Please review, give feedback or just make your own additions to the minutes if i missed something.

I would like to explicitly call out the action items copied below:

Christian, Gustavo: Draft a SR1 release schedule, showing the "SDK delivery" timeframes, testing period, etc. Extrapolate from Galileo Schedule.

Ian: Draft Marketing plan for SR1

Christian, Ken: Pulsar Java Discussion Topic Paper

Paul, Ronnie: Pulsar Native Discussion Topic Paper

Ian, (Christian), Gustavo: Improving SDK Discovery Topic Paper

Ian, ???: Extending Pulsar beyond SDKs Topic Paper

Thanks again!

Christian Kurzke