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Re: [mdt-papyrus.dev] what is your opionion about new folders in trunk/junit ?

 You are right, its better to have only one way to do the same thing.
 But, if we create such plugins, we should take care that they do not becomes  "garbage" plugins containing all and everything.

 Some things that we should take care:
- The plugins should not import too much papyrus plugins (if one does, its a sign that it do too much things)
- The plugins should not reexport plugins (to better control what are the exact required plugins for a test plugin)
- Plugins should not have any tests !

Also, we could have more than one plugin dedicated to junit.
So we should better have a layer called oep.junit.
 In this layer, we could have oep.junit.utils or oep.junit.anothername


SCHNEKENBURGER Remi 211865 a écrit :

I think this is a good idea to have only one way to copy files to initiate the tests. What Vincent proposes is that util methods like copy files, open editor,  etc, could be placed in a common plugin. Each junit plugin developer could then use these methods to initialize the tests plugins as he needs.

I would agree on the oep.junit plugin name for this shared library of methods.