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[m2e-users] m2e not installed after upgrading Eclipse to Indigo (3.7) from Galileo (3.5)

Hi m2e user group,

I am a new user to Maven, and was trying to use the build tool within
Eclipse through m2e.

My main question is how to verify that m2e is installed in Eclipse.  The
m2e homepage says there are tutorials, unfortunately I just could not find
them in http://wiki.eclipse.org/Maven_Integration.

the long story:

Because the web say the latest Eclipse (Indigo v3.7) has m2e integrated by
default, I upgraded my Eclipse (originally Galileo v3.5) to Indigo:


I tried to verify the installation by going to New -> Project -> (typing
maven in the Wizard).  Unfortunately nothing shows up.

Then I tried to install m2e manually by adding


to Help -> Install New Software -> Available Software Sites

Then I asked Eclipse to Check for Updates and it says no updates were found.

I am a Teaching Assistant at an university.  The instructor is trying to
teach Maven in the next offering of an Advanced Software Engineering
course.  Most students have Eclipse installed already.  Thus it would
great if it is possible to install m2e into an existing Eclipse and to
verify the installation.

Help appreciated,

James Lo
UBC Computer Science