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[m2e-users] Generating sources

I'm trying to set up the Jooq database mapping library, part of which involves generating Java sources based on a database schema.

I've followed all available instructions on setting this up with Maven, and I now have it to the point that I can run this at the command line:

mvn generate-sources

And it will do what it's supposed to do.  I'm also using the build-helper-maven-plugin to add the generated sources to the build path, and this now works with M2E.

The problem is that I can't seem to persuade M2E to generate these sources as part of the normal build process within Eclipse.  When I delete target/ at the command line it fails to regenerate the source, and then complains about not being able to find those generated files.

I've added a pluginExecutionFilter and set <action> to <execute> with <runOnIncremental>true</runOnIncremental>.

Here is my pom.xml : https://gist.github.com/7def8d798830853a7d0b

Can anyone offer any suggestions?


Ian Clarke
Blog: http://blog.locut.us/