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Re: [m2e-dev] new target milestones in bugzilla

Guess my message came out little confusing. Let me try again

I would like to propose keeping single development stream both for
Indigo SR1 and Juno work and only do 100% backwards compatible bugfixes
and enhancements. We'll use version 1.0.100.qualifier/1.0.200.qualifier
in the code and "Indigo SR1"/"Indigo SR2" milestones in bugzilla. Our
Juno contributions will be aligned with Indigo SR work and we'll decide
what to do next after SR2 is out next February.

Any concerns, comments, objections?


On 11-06-24 3:16 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
We need to decide on versions first.

As suggested by Pascal, SR1 version will be 1.0.100, so we have some
room to deliver new maven runtimes and hotfixes off marketplace.

What version should we use for Juno? 1.1.0? Do we even want separate
vesrions for Indigo sr1 and Juno?

-- Sent from my SGS Milos Kleint <milos@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

can someone add new target milestones for m2e in bugzilla? or
instruct me how to do it myself? The current targets are only
0.13, we probably need some post 1.0.0 ones. I would suggest
1.0.1 and/or 1.1