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Re: [location-iwg] So what can we do this week

Hi Jody,

Thanks for your email & timely questions.

LocationTech is officially into the proposal phase of the IWG process. This will last until July 22nd. After which, assuming there are no issues, we can officially create the group. Feel free to approach people that might be interested in the group at this early stage & tell them about it.

Here is a flurry of related updates:
  • we have registered the locationtech.org domain
  • the web site should be live in the next month
  • we have locationtech pseudonym on many social media sites
  • we'll be seeking the trademark for locationtech
  • we'll commission a logo... if anyone is inspired and talented, please feel free to make suggestions
  • for those interested in being involved with promoting the launch, please sign up here: http://wiki.eclipse.org/LocationTech/Launch
  • I've been asked by OSGeo & the local organizing committee about ways LocationTech could be involved with FOSS4G 2013 in Nottingham. These discussions have just started, have been very positive, and will continue quietly behind the scenes for now as we explore the opportunity.
  • For those that may have overlooked it in the charter, LocationTech includes Long Term Support. This makes LocationTech all that more attractive for organizations building products and services on technologies hosted by LocationTech.
I'll talk with our IT team to see how much work renaming/moving the mailing list is. In the worst case, we'd set up a new one and auto-subscribe the people who are subscribed to location-iwg. For now, please do encourage more people to join location-iwg (aka. this list).

There are quite a few new companies & projects represented on the list already. I encourage those that are new to say hello and introduce their company and/or project so that others can learn more about it. It's particularly exciting to see synergies between companies and projects starting to develop already.... this is after all the reason this group exists.

Thank you everyone for your interest and in advance for your efforts to help recruit projects & organizations.


On 07/03/2012 10:05 PM, Jody Garnett wrote:
I saw Mike's email go out to the general eclipse.org membership.

A couple of questions on what we can now do now that we are armed with "LocationTech" as a name :-)

1) Andrew mentioned we can now start promoting the working group after it was approved. Are we just thinking of blog posts and so on?
2) Is the email list / wiki page and so forth going to rename to "LocationTech"? Or do we stick with location-iwg 
3) Do we get a fancy logo, or should we wait for this new industry working group proposal to proceed
Jody Garnett