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Re: [location-iwg] Minutes from June 19th meeting

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for this - to echo some of the sentiments previously, I think having committers eligible for election to the various committees makes a lot of sense in our case.

I had a look at the Polarsys charter where I think this was templated from? In their case - the emphasis of the group is more on long term support and reliable availability of software which is quite different then what we have here in Location. I suspect in that situation, the role of the committers is less critical from a decision making and direction standpoint -- which is why we might have a difference in our charter.

I suppose the risk is that this would dilute the value of membership - but overall, my sense is that the value probably outweighs the risks in this case.


On 2012-06-19, at 7:47 PM, Andrew Ross wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Special thanks to those that participated in the call today. The following URL contains my first pass at the minutes:
> http://wiki.eclipse.org/Location/June19_2012
> As per our discussion, let's get the charter wrapped up by this Friday.
> As usual, please let me know if anything was omitted or misstated. Please do share thoughts, suggestions, and questions on this list.
> I'd like to suggest July 25th at 3pm EDT for our next call.
> Regards,
> Andrew
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