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Re: [linux-distros-dev] SVN -> CVS?

Andrew Overholt wrote:

How do people feel about moving from SVN to CVS?  I've been asked by a
few people about this.  The fact that CVS works with the Eclipse SDK is
an advantage in my mind, but are there disadvantages?  Ben Konrath
originally wanted the project to be in subversion but I can't recall his
reasons and he's no longer working on the project.

The eclipse.org sysadmins are moving Technology projects to independent
SVN repos so today or tomorrow would be a good time to decide.  We'll do
it by +1/0/-1 voting.  Please respond to this thread with your vote like

Andrew Overholt +1


linux-distros-dev mailing list
Jeff Johnston +1

I am not happy with how subversion works under Eclipse with regards to tagging and branching. I have never required a merge which I believe is one of subversion's strengths.

-- Jeff J.