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Re: [libra-dev] Libra Git structure

Hi Holger, 

I am sorry about this delay. I had no internet access during my vacation. 
In another mail I wrote that I've just created a new empty Git repository: org.eclipse.libra.git. 

Feel free to commit your initial contribution there or, if you prefer, create a separate git repository for the WAR Products feature. 

For building, I think we've already discussed that we are going to use Maven/Tycho and Hudson. So, make sure to include the pom.xml descriptors with your plugins. Then I will request the webmaster to create a new Hudson job for us and we will configure it. 

For the code structure in the Git repository, I propose to follow a pattern that has already established in several Eclipse projects. You can check for example this one:

The idea is that we have several top-level folders:
  - /development: holds the parent pom.xml (under xxx.releng project) and the p2 repository pom.xml (under xxx.repository project)
  - /plugins: holds all plugin projects
  - /features: holds all feature projects
  - /tests: holds all test plugin and fragment projects. 


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Hi Kaloyan,
I heared not back from you. So, as you probably saw the IP has finsihed for the WAR Products. I think it's time to check it in into the Libra git repo. As a prerequisite we should dicsuss the repository structure and some build things. I really want to have a repository for libra that will be included in the next release train. Is there an ongoing discussion? I didn't saw anything on the OSGi Enterprise Tools/Libra Newsgroup.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Regards Holger

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