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Re: AW: [jwt-dev] JWT 0.6RC4 build this afternoon

Hi all,

JWT 0.6 rc4 is built and available on stable update site (http://download.eclipse.org/technology/jwt/stable-update-site). It will be integrated in next Galileo build (tomorrow).
As a reminder, we only have one more week to fix bugs safely, then it will be time for the JWT 0.6 Galileo release, and we'll be able to celebrate the first year of JWT as part of the Release Train.


Mickael Istria a écrit :
Florian Lautenbacher a écrit :
Hi Mickael,
Hi Florian,

could you consider bug #279275 (Feature name should include (Incubation))
for todays build?
Actually this was already fixed last week, but not available on Galileo update site.

Besides that we have the New & Noteworthy bug (#257571)
that can already be closed I guess (with the wiki page that we created for
Ok, I close it.

We have the Branding bug (#257580) which only requires that the link
needs to be changed from the website to the tutorial wiki page. Maybe you
could change that today, too? Then this bug can be closed as well.
Sure, I do it as soon as this mail is sent.

On the implementation side we have still six outstanding bugs: three
concerning the workflow editor and three considering
BPMN-JWT-transformations. Concerning the ATL transformations I asked a
question on the M2M newsportal but didn't receive an answer the last weeks.
I guess I'll need some support from other committers of JWT here.
Maybe you can ask Stephane directly (he's often available on Skype), he'll probably find someone of Obeo to help you for this ATL strange behavior.

The three WE bugs (JWT view file, perspective and key binding conflicts)
should probably be fixed in the next days, too!? When is the final date for
the latest bug fixing concerning Galileo?
In the best case, it should be solved for RC4 (tomorrow), but if they are only small modifications, we still have a week. The "final freeze" is next wednesday.

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