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Re: [jubula-dev] Resolving Dependencies in Eclipse After Maven Build

Hi Zeb,


After setting the target platform and removing the org.eclipse.jubula project and all the example extension projects I was just left with three errors in SwtUtils.java that required a cast from long to int.  I now have a workspace with no errors.


What is best practice for testing this now?  Do I build an update site for the feature and plug-ins and then install from there to test?  This would seem to be a long process for debugging.  Unfortunately this is the area I have least experience in.  Can you give me a  bit of a brain dump on your code/test/deploy approach?  I’ve worked through the Eclipse plug-in development cheat sheets etc. but they’re pretty insignificant when compared with the complexity of something like Jubula.






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Hi Peter,

You're on the right path. I think the main problem at the moment is the Target Platform. Be sure that you've configured the Target Platform as described in the Jubula Contribution Guide (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Jubula/JubulaContribGuid). Target Platforms are a concept that are integral to Eclipse plug-in development, as they basically define which plug-ins (in which version) your plug-ins require. You can configure the Target Platform in Eclipse's Preferences dialog.

There are, at the moment, a few projects that are not really used when building Jubula. I think the example extensions are not built, and the org.eclipse.jubula project is another example of this. That being said, setting the Target Platform should resolve most, if not all, of these issues.

General tips and guidelines for contributing to Jubula are defined in the Contribution Guide. For specific tips, we're also available here on the mailing list. For very specific tips about a bug you might be working on, comment on the bug directly and we'll give whatever help we can.

 - Zeb

On 31.07.2012 04:21, Peter Hancox wrote:

I’ve just started investigating the use of Jubula for UI testing of a Java Swing application.  So far it seems to be just what I’m looking for but I’ve come across a couple of issues.  One of which is an issue with saving screenshots to PostgreSQL database.  I know PostgreSQL isn’t a supported database but, being keen to avoid putting yet another database such as Oracle into our environment, I’d prefer to fix the PostgreSQL image storage issue as everything else so far seems to work fine with PostgreSQL.


I don’t have any experience with eclipse plug-in development but I’m tackling that now.  So far I haven’t been able to locate much information on fixing / enhancing Jubula but did find a thread that basically said:

·         git clone http://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/jubula/org.eclipse.jubula.core.git jubula

·         cd jubula\org.eclipse.jubula.releng

·         mvn clean package


After doing this, the projects imported into eclipse now contained the missing generated code and most of the error messages were resolved.  However, I’m still left with 36 errors though most seem to relate to examples (e.g., Bundle ‘org.eclipse.gef.examples.logic’ cannot be resolved).


I also have “Bundle ‘org.eclipse.emf.cdo’ cannot be resolved”.  Given I have the real Jubula feature installed and working, why would the imported source projects have missing dependencies?


What steps other than those listed above are necessary / recommended?


Is there a guide / hints and tips etc. for fixing / enhancing Jubula?


Other than the user forum, wiki, and this mailing list, are there other places to look for Jubula specific information?


The other problem area I’ve experienced is getting the object mapper, recorder, etc. to communicate with AUTs launched using the plugin eclipse launcher though that’s less of an issue for me immediately.


Thanks for any assistance as I’d really like to get this working.  So far I haven’t found any tool that meets my requirements entirely.  Jubula is close, the price is right, and if I’m able to fix issues in the code base then I’ll be quite happy to use this as the basis for our test infrastructure.




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