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Re: [jubula-dev] Dependencies error after compiling Jubula workspace imported from cloned master repo

Hi Claire,

The two packages you mentioned contain generated classes.

You can generate "org.eclipse.jubula.client.archive.schema" by running the "gen-xml-src" target of the org.eclipse.jubula.client.archive/genXMLBean.xml Ant file, and you can generate "org.eclipse.jubula.client.core.gen" by running the "generate" target of the org.eclipse.jubula.client.core/genParser.xml Ant file.

 - Zeb

On 03.02.2012 19:59, Claire Lee wrote:
Hi -

After I cloned the Jubula git repository and imported all the projects from master repo to the workspace, there appeared some dependency errors after the workspace is built. I have been trying to resolve the dependency errors referring to the target definition for Indigo+nightly. I am now down to the following dependency errors:

The import org.eclipse.jubula.client.archive.schema cannot be resolved
The import import org.eclipse.jubula.client.core.gen cannot be resolved

I am using Indigo SR1. Please let me know how can I resolve these dependencies?

- Claire

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