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[jetty-users] jetty 7 websocket debug

I'm looking at getting GWT to interface to the Jetty websocket

I'd like to know if I can get jetty to generate some debug output for

I've had a sniffer running and I see a websocket request hit jetty, but
then it seems to vanish, I only get the tcp ACK back.  Also I'd like
some details on the correct ws url I should use.  Lets say my servlet is
deployed in a subfolder of webapps called wstest and my servlet is url
filtering for /echotest.  Is the following going to be sufficient?


I saw some discussion that connections would fail if this is not exactly
matching what jetty is expecting.  From the blog entry I saw the simple
replace http: with ws: example, but in my case this wont work since the
GWT is being served from a page with a big long gwt type url.

Anyway I'm sure if I can get some debug out of jetty I should be able to
get a bit further.  Thanks in advance!