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[jdt-doc-dev] Re: Capitalization of "Java development tools"

Two things about "Java Development Tooling (JDT)":

(1) For legal reasons re: Java trademark, it must not be capitalized. It 
should appear as "Java development tooling", never as
"Java Development Tooling". (But the acronym is still "JDT".)

(2) We generally call it "Java development tools", rather than the more 
stilted "Java development tooling".


Debbie Wilson/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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03/18/2003 02:34 PM
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Another case of capitalization of proper nouns occurs with the names of 
some of our components.  I have just changed one document that had the 
<b> Standard Widget Toolkit</b> (SWT) 
<b> JFace</b> UI 
Java development tooling (JDT) 
Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) 

I have changed these to all use the same style: get rid of the bold and 
capitalize each word. 

Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) 
JFace UI 
Java Development Tooling (JDT) 
Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) 


John Arthorne/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA 
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03/18/2003 01:44 PM 
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Another area where there is inconsistency is in capitalization.  Most 
section titles in the table of contents and headings within pages are 
sentence case, but some aren't.  I've been converting everything to 
sentence casing wherever I've seen inconsistencies, but I wanted to make 
sure we agree on it. 

A much trickier case is proper nouns.  I believe things like "Tasks View", 
"File Menu", and "Export Wizard" are all proper nouns, and as such both 
words should always be capitalized.  The documentation more commonly uses 
"Tasks view", "File menu", and "Export wizard", but I think this is not 
correct.  Correct me if I'm wrong here, but unless I hear otherwise I'll 
correct these problems where I see them.