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[imp-dev] IMP project moving to github

Hi Folks,

After careful deliberation with the other major IMP stakeholders, we've decided to move the project to github.

This is due in part to the facts that:
 1) I've voluntarily moved to a job that sadly doesn't provide a compelling reason for me to continue working full-time on IMP,
 2) as a consequence, the lion's share of the recent development activity has been driven by the Rascal project (http://rascal-mpl.org), which is hosted at github,
 3) we'd like to open up the IMP project to contributors more widely and with less overhead than the Eclipse process permits,
 4) github is a cool place to be :)

What does this mean for the IMP project and its users?

First, IMP is alive and well, and will be even more so in the coming months.
Second, this isn't merely a source repository move, it's a *project* move. We're still hashing out key details like web/wiki presence, bug tracking, mailing lists, releases, and such, but we fully intend that IMP continues to be a viable, reliable platform that lots of people can build on.
Third, we (the project leaders, Jurgen Vinju and I) will have much more freedom to decide who can contribute, and with a much lighter-weight process that should allow more people to contribute more easily.

I hope our reasoning is clear, and encourage you to join us at github, once we have the repository and other goodies set up. We'll post here again when we have more details on that front.

 - Bob Fuhrer, IMP project lead

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