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[imp-dev] To GIT

Hi IMPs,

Bob and I have been planning to move IMP's SVN repository to a GIT repository, still hosted at eclipse.org of course.

You should have heard of GIT by now, since it is amazingly popular, also under the Eclipse projects (see http://git.eclipse.org
GIT is a distributed version management system which does everything SVN does, and enables more ways of working together. It is also really fast to work with. 

Our only doubt was whether eclipse team support was on par with the existing SVN plugins. This seems to be the case. We have been trying it out for a few weeks now with minor glitches. Nothing beats the command-line support though (like with SVN). See http://www.eclipse.org/egit/ for the eGIT plugin.

Questions to you:
  * After we have moved, your SVN checkouts can not be committed anymore. So, do you have important code to commit and when do you plan to commit this code? 
  * Is there any particular time frame in which you would like us NOT to do this move? We expect do able to do this step in July, or else early August.
  * Please study the use of GIT a bit? It is different from SVN and requires at least some getting used to! http://wiki.eclipse.org/Git



Jurgen Vinju
- Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica - SEN1
- Universiteit van Amsterdam

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