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[imp-dev] FYI: "IMP Program Analysis" feature no longer includes org.eclipse.imp.analysis

Hi All,

In case anyone's actually using the half-baked stuff in org.eclipse.imp.analysis (a constraint system, solver, and a half-baked type-inference mechanism), I've moved it out of the "IMP Program Analysis" feature. This was done to remove the dependency on polyglot, which some clients of the PDB don't want or need.

At some point in the future, I plan to refactor/repackage the o.e.imp.analysis plugin to move the polyglot-dependent code to a different plugin, and perhaps provide that as a separate feature for Java-related analysis.

  - Bob
Robert M. Fuhrer
Research Staff Member
Programming Technologies Dept.
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

IMP Project Lead (http://www.eclipse.org/imp)
X10: Productivity for High-Performance Parallel Programming (http://x10-lang.org)