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[imp-dev] How is pdb.values included in Rascal IDE?

Hi Jurgen,

While attempting to build a new release, I just noticed that you bumped the version of pdb.values to 0.2.0. I assume you did that because of a backward-incompatible API change? That's fine, but you didn't bump its version in the pdb.analysis feature manifest. No big deal, it only took a couple of minutes to figure out what was wrong with the build. Though a heads-up would have been nice. :-)

That got me wondering: If you didn't bump the feature manifest, I guess you must not be using the org.eclipse.imp.analysis feature in your Rascal IDE? If so, is there any reason for that? To avoid some additional dependency? Polyglot, perhaps?

It might be better for all concerned if you did use the feature, even if it means we have to reorganize the packaging a bit to separate out the bits you don't want from the bits you do. That way, we'd both be consuming the same stuff, and in particular, it would probably help avoid problems like the above build issue.

  - Bob
Robert M. Fuhrer
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