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[hyades-dev] Minutes of TPTP Quarterly F2F meeting (December 6-8, 2004)




Day 1: Monday December 6, 2004


Attendees: Tyler Thessin, Harm Sluiman; Mike Norman, Serge Lucio, Jim Saliba, Don Ebright, Oliver Cole, Sri Doddapaneni, and Melanie Woods (on phone for MG update)



3.2 Status Update:

            42 enhancements are completed and 4 enhancement requests that are targeted now for 3.2 can not go into the release need to be retargeted to 3.3

            Defects: 20 out 200 are outstanding and there are 39 defects that are untargeted

            3.2 release is tacking to on-time release in two weeks. Substantial progress made in reducing the backlog of outstanding defects.


Roadmap review:

            Need to document expectations for maintenance duration for major and point releases. If a defect fix is needed by one of the adoptors, it is better to do a maintenance release.

            One constraint on TPTP roadmap is the support for Eclipse Platform within a quarter of its release. Our 4.0 release is aligned with EP 3.1.

            API freeze should occur one quarter before the target release date.

            We propose to move 3.3 release to June’05 and keep 4.0 at June’05. This will be considered during the planning session in the next two days of F2F meetings.


ACTION: Serge to check if IBM is Okay with moving 3.3 release to June’05

ACTION: Karla to update development process document and add maintenance expectations (two years from release date)



MG Update:

Melanie presented an updated on the marketing group activities (over a phone call). The presentation will be posted to website along with the meeting minutes.

Need to move quicker on updating the website to reflect the new project structure.  Also, there is need to compile marketing resources that adoptors can use in their marketing collateral.

The group would like to see a draft of the news alert that we will be making available on the Eclipse website regarding the 3.2 release as soon as possible.

Oliver offered to help out with some logistics for TPTP Sprint activity at the EclipseCon 2005.


ACTION: Mike to look into the possibility of making the 6 proposed presentations into the four accepted

ACTION: Melanie to drive in MG proposals for updating TPTP website.


Navigating the TPTP website

            Harm gave an overview of hyades website and how to find project status reports, enhancements and bug fixes for various release points; and PMC meeting documents.



Newsgroups and Mailing Lists:

            First preference is to copy the full contents of posting to hyades newsgroup to tptp newsgroup. Once this is in place, further postings to hyades dev newsgroup shall not be allowed. They should be directed to tptp newsgroup.

            If the above option is not possible, we will allow an overlap period of about 2 weeks for current active threads to wrap up before disallowing further postings.


            ACTION: Check that SAP is Okay with the mailing lists transition plan.



            CVS creation proposal needs to also include copying/moving of hyades source tree to under tptp CVS root.



            We will have project website area for each project under TPTP in CVS.

            Website should indicate that all contributions are accepted and made available under EPL.

            Members need to certify re-contribution under EPL to complete migration from CPL to EPL.

We need to find resources (committers) to update and maintain TPTP website. Marketing group should provide direction and some content for the website. But their bandwidth is limited. Going forward, requirements for website should be added to Bugzilla and managed as any other component of TPTP.


ACTION: Harm to draft the list of committers for current Hyades development tree similar to the matrix done for TPTP development tree. Either effect the changes by TPTP owners or ask Denis to do so.

ACTION: Harm to distribute committer questionnaire to the committer list.

ACTION: Tyler to evaluate EPL re-licensing issues and contact Mike Milinkovich about it.

ACTION: Mike to categorize and draft themes and priorities by Dec 17th, 2004.

ACTION: Tyler to check with Denis on the migration of current Hyades CVS tree under the new root.

ACTION: Tyler to contact John Weigand regarding any licenses regarding CPL-to-EPL conversion.


ACTION: Tyler will check the requirements for checking and tracking non-committer contributions.

ACTION: Tyler to confirm with Brian and Adrian regarding the identification of patents related to CPL contributions.

ACTION: Tyler to talk to MG about putting a plan in place for updating the TPTP website. The goal is have the update completed well before EclipseCon 2005.


Requirements Group:

            A number of enhancement requests, some new and some changes to existing ones are reviewed and disposed. The new target release and priority are determined and the (XML) data sheets will be updated to reflect these changes. The changes should be done and update sheets can be viewed via Hyades website tomorrow. We had a healthy discussion on the process for determining the priorities and how the gaps will be addressed. The consensus decision is as follows: TPTP Requirements, Architecture and Planning groups will process the enhancements requests and come up with a plan to implement these requests. The guideline for determining what features can be implemented is based on resources available for the components where a given feature needs to be implemented. Any gaps between what is requested and what is proposed by TPTP plan are sent back to the members. The options for handling the gaps are: bring more resources to bridge the gaps AND/OR defer features to a future date,


Day 2: Tuesday December 7, 2004


Attendees: Tyler Thessin, Harm Sluiman; Mike Norman, Serge Lucio, Jim Saliba, Don Ebright, Oliver Cole, and Sri Doddapaneni


Themes & Priorities:

            TPTP project should align with themes & priorities at Eclipse level where applicable. We also need to call out TPTP project only T&P that were not called out at the Eclipse level. At this time, we don’t have any project only themes and all updated TPTP themes are adopted at the Eclipse Foundation level.


            Eclipse                                                                                     TPTP (now)                   TPTP (new)


            A. Enterprise Ready                                           1. Enterprise Ready (A)                          Enterprise Ready (1&2)

            B. Performance and Scalability                          2. Team Support (A)                            Performance & Scalability (1)

            C. Design for Extensibility                                 3. Usability (F)                                     Simple to Use (3,5)

            D. Embedded                                                   4. Broaden Community (D, G, F)          Appeal to broader community (4)

            E. RCP                                                            5. Exemplary Tools (F, E)                                 Other

            F. Simple to use

            G. Consistent Multilanguage Support

            F. Appeal to broader community


ACTION: Mike to redraft text for TPTP themes and priorities as decided today. See above for the proposed themes. Due December 16th.

ACTION: Mike to associate enhancement requests for 3.3 and 4.0 releases to themes and priorities. Due December 16th.


Report on Architecture Council Meeting (by Harm):

            We can not say we have a reference implementation of OMG standards. However, we can say we have an example implementation for standards that we support.

            Harm is going to lead the launch capabilities within Eclipse architecture council. There is keen interest in promoting WSVT project to either TPTP project or Web Tools project.


ACTION: Tyler and Harm to engage the technology project and WSVT project leads. Evaluate the scope and possibility of bring in Web Services Verification Tools project under TPTP project. Due Jan 15th.

ACTION: Harm to update and validate our plan document with external dependencies. December 16th.

ACTION: TPTP project need to provide updates on the FTP server. This will enable users to get updates from their update manager within Workbench. Have this in place starting with 3.3 GA.


Sizing of Effort for Feature Enhancements for 3.3 and 4.0

            Reviewed sizing estimates for feature requests and where missing provided rough estimates for the missing sizing estimates.

            The gap between the overall resources available and cumulative sizing for 3.3 and 4.0 enhancement requests is roughly about 33 person weeks ( ~5% of total resources needed). A detailed table of this information is sent by Serge to the attendees. Over the next 10 days, the proposed plan will be reviewed by committers and development tasks for i1 and i2 of 3.3 and 4.0 will be identified.


Planning Group:

We had comprehensive discussion on planning process and generated a number of good proposals to consider for fine tuning the process. This was the first planning cycle using the TPTP process. The F2F discussions were extremely helpful in converging to a common understanding of the process. Planning session was very productive – we identified the feature requests that could be committed for 3.3 and 4.0 releases based on priority and resource availability. Except for a few feature requests, all priority one requests are committed. We developed an action plan for driving review and ratification of the proposed plan from stake holders. See below for action items. We need to get buy-in from stake holders for delaying 3.3 release by a quarter and align it with 4.0 release.


ACTION: RG (Mike) to identify set of feature enhancements currently requested for 3.3 release that are not required in 3.x stream (i.e., these features could be provided in 4.0 release if timing is aligned). These should be moved to 4.0 to minimize overhead due to contribution to both 3.3 and 4.0 streams. Due Thursday December 16th.

ACTION: Harm will drive identification of features and changes to project source structure that break API in the 4.0 release. These should be targeted for i1 and i2 iterations of 4.0 development cycle. Due December 16th (need for approval of plan by AG)

ACTION: Tyler to start the process for getting the planning document in place. This doc should contain themes and priorities, platforms tested and refer to plan schedules on the TPTP webpage. Outline due December 16th and Final draft due Jan 15th, 05.

ACTION: Harm to drive AG approval of the proposed plan for 3.3 and 4.0 releases. Due Thursday December 16th.

ACTION: Tyler to drive approval of the proposed plan and development process changes by the PG. Due Friday December 17th.


|------1Q-------------------------|---------1Q-------------------------|------------1Q---------------------------|Start of a development cycle for release X

RG analysis & request for rel X à  RG analysis and request for rel X à  RG analysis and request for rel X        à

      AG to review and size for rel X   à  AG to do full review and size for rel X à

                                                      PG preliminary plan                     à  PG final plan                                       à

Overlay similar process for releases X+/- 2 release cycles.


ACTION: Karla to the document planning cycle described above in the TPTP development process document. Karla should talk to Tyler for further details.


PMC is considering a proposal to change the process as described below.


Step A (RG only) 2.5 Q before start of development cycle for a release

Steps B & C (for RG, AG, and PG)

Step B – 1.5 Q before start of development cycle for a release

Step C – 0.5 Q before start of development cycle for a release

??Provide description of steps A,B,C.


There is another thought to: limit to one major release and two point releases before rolling out next major release. (e.g., 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0,…)


ACTION: Tyler to drive communication with community on the planning process. Due Jan 15th.


Day 3: Wednesday December 8, 2004


ACTION: Sri to propose a plan for transitioning builds of TPTP. Coordinate with Harm on the steps involved in the current build process and transition. Due Jan 15th.

ACTION: Tyler to communicate the proposed plan for 3.3 and 4.0 to Hyades-dev – with links to website for list of committed, pending and rejected feature requests. Due Thursday December 9, 2004.


Decisions: The planning process will start after end of week 4th of iteration one in a quarter. The requirements gathering period closes end of 4th week. The quarterly F2F meeting of the TPTP planning group will be held between weeks 2 and 5 of iteration two in the quarter. The preferred time is week 5.


Update from Eclipse Planning Council (by Tyler):

Eclipse Foundation is going through creation of a roadmap that will be published at EclipseCon in February 2005.

            Jan 15th – provided to public for review and comment

            Feb 15th – publication of draft of Eclipse roadmap

            Feb 28th – approval of roadmap by board

The full process for creation of roadmap will be done once a year and updates to roadmap can be done a few times in between to address any exceptions. Therefore, starting March 2005, the frequency of F2F meetings of Eclipse councils will be decreased.


Logistics for next F2F meeting of Planning Group:

Next F2F meeting will be co-located with EclipseCon in Feb/Mar 2005. The tentative plan is hold it during Monday and Friday during that week.


Review of outstanding action items:

Group reviewed outstanding action items from the past months and updated status. Pending items are escalated.


Tentative agenda for TPTP Sprint Session at EclipseCon 2005

Updates from Components

Discuss open cross-component issues within TPTP

Present Project Vision

Present Project Roadmap

Team Building/Networking

Top 5 roadblocks (developers or adopters) in the project; a) productivity b) adoption

Interactive session for bottom up gathering of vision

Demos and Success stories related to consumers

Free food/beverage/beer

Development process: how to contribute and how to request enhancements

Published material – website, papers, book?

Call for contribution – identify new committers/contributors; recruiting, development papers, etc.

Q1 Objectives:

1. Test TPTP using TPTP and generate some test reports. Actual reports TBD.

2. Establish new TPTP website ASAP, but no later than EclipseCon. Due Jan 15th 2005

3. Run the requisite planning cycle for Q1 2005.

4. Identify top 5 questions/roadblocks from potential adopters that are lurking on the TPTP website/newsgroup/mailing lists. Due Feb 25th.

5. Identify current adopters (demographics) and provide them an opportunity to list their product names and links to their product website on TPTP website.

6. Add ten new committers to the TPTP project by end of Q1.

7. Acceptance to publish two new articles related to TPTP in JDJ, Better Software, SD Times, JavaPerformanceTuning.com, and etc.

8. Identify lead author for a book on TPTP. Produce an abstract and outline by end of Q1.

9. Complete communications plan by end of January by marketing group.


--- Begin Message ---

Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) Project Q4’04 F2F Agenda

When: Monday-Wednesday, December 6-8, 8:00am-5:00pm EDT (4:00pm end on Wednesday)

Where: IBM, 20 Maguire Rd, Lexington, MA

Who: TPTP Project Coordination Team (PMC + Group Members) plus other interested project contributors


Below is a draft meeting agenda – feedback appreciated.




8:00 – 9:00am         Introductions

·         Ground rules (transparency, participation, other) (5min)

·         Participant introductions (15min)

·         Review open Action Items (30min)


9:00 – 9:30am         Roadmap Review

·         3.2 status (10min)

·         2005 roadmap (20min)


9:30 – 10:00am       Marketing Group Update – Melanie Woods

·         Eclipse Program update (Project Sprint, program status, prep timeline/reviews, etc) (10min)

·         Report from Eclipse Marketing / PR Committee (10min)

·         Communications Plan (10min)


10:15 – 12:00pm     Project Restructuring

·         Sub-project restructuring review (10min)

·         Establishing revised Committer list (10min)

·         Transition of CVS, bugzilla, newsgroups, mailing lists (30min)

·         CPL-to-EPL transition (10min)

·         Website (10min)

·         Overhead / sustaining efforts (20min)

·         Planning / tracking reports (10min)


12:00 – 1:00pm       LUNCH


1:00 – 5:00pm         Requirements Group Review – Mike Norman

·         Report from Requirements Council (30min)

·         Review TPTP Themes & Priorities (30min)

·         3.3 / 4.0 Requirements Targeting / Prioritization Closure (3hrs)





8:00 – 10:00am       Requirements Group Review – Mike Norman

·         Continued (2hrs)


10:00 – 5:00pm       Architecture Group Review – Harm Sluiman

·         Report from Architecture Council (30min)

·         Project dependencies and alignment with other Eclipse projects (30min)

·         3.3 / 4.0 Architectural alignment / effort estimation closure (5hrs+lunch)





8:00 – 3:00pm         Planning Group Review – Tyler Thessin

·         Report from Planning Council (30miin)

·         Planning process (30min)

·         3.3 / 4.0 Plan Review closure (5hrs+lunch)

·         Outreach – Contributor/Adopter recruiting (defer to weekly coordination meeting)

·         Planning Cycle postmortem (defer to weekly coordination meeting)

·         Q4/Q1 planning calendar (defer to weekly coordination meeting)


3:00 – 4:00pm         Wrap-Up

·         Draft Q1’05 objectives (finalize in weekly coordination meeting before EOQ) (30min)

·         Q1’05 F2F logistics (10min)

·         Action item review (20min)



All presentations made and all meeting minutes will be posted on the Eclipse web site for review and comment by the community. Presentations should use the Eclipse template (attached) and be EPL'd.


Attachment: Eclipse Template - Blue.ppt
Description: Eclipse Template - Blue.ppt

Attachment: Eclipse Template - White.ppt
Description: Eclipse Template - White.ppt

--- End Message ---