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[hyades-dev] TPTP Marketing Group Meeting minutes, December 2nd, 2004

1. Attendees 
Ling Yao, Intel
Judy Schramm, OC Systems
Geoff Bessin, IBM
Melanie Woods, Scapa Technologies 

2. Eclipse Marketing & PR meeting update
Nothing to report

3. Contact Reports / Call for Papers
Nothing to report

4. Events
Deadline for EclipseCon submissions has closed (November 30th). A number 
of presentation, poster and tutorial sessions have been submitted, along 
with a suggestion for a BOF session.
Geoff will be attending STP Conference in Baltimore next week and review 
the event for the group.
ACTION: Geoff to feedback details of the STP conference to the group.

5. PR 
The group spent some time discussing the various audiences and related 
messages for each. It was agreed that there are a number of key 
audiences including (no order of priority):
- Software developers
- ISVs
- End-users
- Media
- Analysts
The group felt it a key objective to reach out to the ISVs, first of 
all, and articulate the "vendor value" of TPTP.
A value proposition or some sort of positioning boilerplate should be 
crafted and distributed to participating members to help them articulate 
the reasons behind their involvement, and why the market should be 
excited about TPTP. 
It was felt that the communications plan needs to focus on the reasons 
why vendors become/should become involved. This approach should help us 
gain ground with the analyst community that is focused on the market as 
a whole, not just the technology.
Some definite targets should be stated in the communications plan, such 
as a collective aim to have at least one article published by end of 
Q1/05, plus one award submission.
The group will pick up again on this next week, using the draft 
communications plan put together some weeks ago as a starting point for 
ACTION: Melanie to send round draft communications plan to group.
ACTION: All to send round feedback, ideas, suggestions for improvement 

6. Website
Nothing to report

7. AOB (any other business)
There is a F2F meeting next week. It was felt that from the marketing 
group's standpoint, we should present our 'goals' and priorities and 
request feedback from the wider project coordination group.
ACTION: Melanie to feedback any marketing discussion from F2F.

N.B. The group is constituted in the same way as other TPTP development 
groups, and is respectful of Eclipse rules and regulations for meetings 
between Eclipse members. Also, with regard to operational activities 
covered by IP policy and anti-trust regulations, it is the duty of the 
lead committer to make group participants aware of these regulations. 
The group does not have a lead committer at this stage, however, 
participants can find details on these regulations at: 

Next meeting: Thursday, December 9th, 2004 
Time: 5pm GMT / 6pm CET / 12pm EST / 9am PST 

Call-in details: 
Tel: 8-356-2663, +1 916-356-2663 
Bridge: 4
Passcode: 5879670