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Re: [hyades-dev] Load Testing with TPTP

Hi Tejas,

Hyades/TPTP only supports load testing of browser (http) based applications.  That is done through the HTTP proxy recorder for recording and URL Test for playback.


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"Patel, Tejas G" <Tejas.Patel@xxxxxx>
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12/02/2004 05:42 AM

Please respond to

[hyades-dev] Load Testing with TPTP

I have one stand-alone Java application (kind of service application) which is not browser based.
I want to do the load testing of this application on the same machine where the application is located.
Is it possible to load test it through Hyades/TPTP? If yes then how to do that? Does it have a specific UI?
Any pointers on this will greatly appreciated.
Thanks & Regards,
Tejas Patel
Computer Associates
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