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[hyades-dev] New branch created

The commiter call this week agreed to the creation of a branch in
support of the consuming entities of Hyades 3.0.1.  A branch has been
created in CVS in support of this release.  Please remember to merge all
fixes targeted to to the HEAD branch as well.   Only fixes that
have undertaken the strictest of commiter review will be added to this new

As planned on the commiter call, we are going to kick off our first
build as soon as the following fixes are commited.  I will work with the
appropriate commiters to make sure this is happening.  Joe Toomey, I know
you had several defects that you took through approval today and three of
them made it through.  Can you tell me which three so I can both track when
we are good to build as well as document the changes? Thanks.
 734 c P3 Ot piyushagarw anandik@u NEW   3.0 3.0.2 optHeap - AS400 -   
 82  r    h  al@xxxxxxxx s.ibm.com       .2  heap dumps are missing    
     i       om                              several JV...             

 7438 ma P3 Al rduggan@ca kcoleman@us NEW    3.0 SetConfig does not    
 5    j     l  .ibm.com   .ibm.com           .2  work on Portugese     

 7507 bl P3 PC dguilbaud@fr NEW      3.0 Error seen trying to open    
 3    o        .ibm.com              .2  coverage statistics on       
                                         several ...                  

Richard K. Duggan
Problem Determination Enablement
IBM Toronto Laboratory
External: 905-413-2396
Internal: 969-2396