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RE: [hyades-dev] Re-naming the "Agent Controller".


Given IBM has spent great deal of time in investigating the right name for the collection engine,

for consistency purpose, we will be adopting this naming convention unless anyone screams.


For acronym, we do not want to use just DCE (Data Collection Engine).

It will be confusing to existing acronym for Distributed Computing Environment.

As a result, we will prefix it with Hyades.

The new acronym will be HDCE (Hyades Data Collection Engine).


We will update all our documents and proposals accordingly.


In summary, HCE will go away. HDCE will be its replacement.




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Subject: [hyades-dev] Re-naming the "Agent Controller".


Re-naming the "Agent Controller".

There are numerous terms floating around in the UI, docs, & service names
that are being used to describe the data collection engine that is a part of Hyades.
Some of these terms include:
Agent Controller
Hyades Data Collection Engine
Hyades Collection Engine
Hyades Data Collector

A number of defects have been opened to track this problem in the UI & the docs:
70551, 71463, 71592

The inconsistent terminology also causes problems downstream for any products
that want to build on top of Hyades.

After much consultation with the usability team, editors, & development,
the following solution was proposed:

A generic term will be used throughout the UI & docs.

Term to be used in the UI & in the docs: Data collection engine
The windows service name:  Data Collection Engine
Name to appear on product installations:  Install the data collection engine. (sentence-style)

We are going forward with these fixes for Hyades 3.1 i2.  
Please let me know if you have any issues with this change.

Nellie Klump
IBM Toronto Lab, RND RL Problem Determination
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