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RE: [hyades-dev] Re: junit and derivatives

As I talk to our internal groups there is always yet another junit tool.  So do we build support for 3 or 4 specific tools or do we look into the possibility of supporting a more generic implementation allowing the user to plug-in the tool of their choice?




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Dominique Guilbaud Wed, 1 Sep 2004 16:25:28 +0200
> The plan is first to investigate the addition of the follwing
> JUnit-based tools:

> - HTTPUnit: this is for the HTTP protocol-based test and the idea
> here is to enhence the URL testing tool existing in Hyades

You might also want to consider HTMLUnit. There are partisans for each
tool; see much discussion on


> - Cactus for J2EE component testing. Nothing exists in Hyades today
> for this kind of test, This issue I have with Cactus is the need of
> WebTool project to automate the execution. To be investigate

> - Abbot for GUI testing. Nothing exists in Hyades today for this
> kind of test, and I think that Abbot is a good candidate for this.
> More investigation need to be done

I'd be glad to help, esp as Rational Developer gets past DCUT. Note
that abbot.swt has recently added GEF support: we can, e.g., drag nodes
off the palette, connect them, etc.