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[hyades-dev] Marketing Communications Group - Standing Agenda

The proposed standing agenda for the newly constituted marketing 
communications group within the Test and Performance Tools Platform 
project is as follows:

1. Attendees / apologies etc.
2. Minutes and reports from the Eclipse marketing and PR team meetings
3. Contact reports / call for papers etc.
4. Events
5. PR
6. Website
7. AOB

FYI - Some outstanding issues from recent contact reports for discussion 
at the first meeting are:

Events / call for papers
- Java Pro conference (October 2004)
- 5th Web Services Edge 2005 East - International Web Services 
Conference & Expo (February 2005)
- LinuxWorld Conference & Expo (February 2005)

- 2004 Java Developer's Journal Editor's Choice Awards: Best of the Best 
(opens August 31st)
- Electronic Products Magazine Product of the Year Awards (deadline 
October 15)

Article Submissions
- contributed article discussing software with the focus on engineering 
project management for the March/April 2005 issue of IEEE Software 
(deadline for abstract - September 1st)
- article solicited for Dr Dobbs Journal on the topic of Development 
Environments & Platforms featuring Eclipse technology (abstract deadline 
- September 10th)

Best regards,

Melanie Woods
Scapa Technologies
Tel: +44 131 550 1718
Email: melanie.woods@xxxxxxxxxxxxx